Lots-o-Links 6.11.08

Resurgence has an interview with Bob Kauflin.

My brother captured two tornados on video last week.  Neither were doing anything amazing, but it's still pretty cool to a storm buff like me.

I love coaching Little League, and would love to coach this kid. Awesome...

Jeremy Pryor continues explaining his Story-Formed Life discipleship class/strategy...

The Office originated in Japan. Did you know that? Here you go...

Tim and Kathy Keller: The Role of Women in Ministry.

The Last Men's Book You'll Ever Need?

The New York Times on theology pubs and such.

Tim Chester: How I teach the Bible in a household church.

Tony Morgan: 7 reasons why the church needs artists.

Jonathan Dodson on building missional cores.

Thanks for the many comments on my Big 5 books series.  If you have missed any of the lists, please go and comment.  Great resource posts.