The Big 5: Books Worth Regular Rereading

436212_tattered_book-172x187I remember sitting in Mark Dever's office and asking him what books have been most helpful to him personally, books that he would read more than once.  He pointed to a little swiveling bookshelf with five (if I remember correctly) well worn books that he reads every year (I think). 

What big 5 books do you think are worth regularly rereading?

Try to avoid devotional books, unless there is one that really knocked your socks off and you reread all the time. There will be a separate list for devotional books at some point.  These books will likely be in the personal walk, Christian life, holiness kinds of categories.  Don't list books of the Bible.  If someone lists some of your big 5 books, please go ahead and list them again.  This isn't about mentioning the books no one else has, but listing your big 5.  After all, if one book is mentioned again and again that will add weight to that book.  Go!