10 Things that Happened at the 2008 SBC

Here's a guide to understanding what happened at the 2008 meeting of the SBC in Indianapolis.  I wasn't there, but I didn't need to be to know what happened.  I'm sure there were many great things that happened, including networking and building new relationships as well as renewing old ones.  But here's my list, just for fun, of the 10 things that happened at the SBC because they, to some extent, always happen at the SBC. 

10. Many thousands made "a decision for Christ" during the Indy Crossover evangelism push.  Most of them won't join churches.

9. Someone proposed a stupid resolution that got more discussion than someone who proposed a significant resolution.

8. Some bloggers discovered that blogging influence doesn't amount to much, and shouldn't.

7. Someone blew a shofar, metaphorically at least.

6. Some guys who preached included lines merely to hear the applause of the masses.

5. Mark Dever had 14 disciples following his every move and seeking his advice on bookstore purchases.

4. No less than 7 people had beer with their meal, to the shock of onlooking SBC messengers.

3. They mostly voted on stuff that won't change minds, churches, the convention, or the world.

2. Guys in suits won elections.Johnny_hunt

1. Indianapolis is now officially out of beef and butter.