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CAPC: Greg Thornbury

President of King's College and friend, Greg Thornbury, was in a discussion on music and culture for Christ and Pop Culture podcast. Listen here. I just listened and it's excellent, thought-provoking.

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Some massive discounts on important theological books...


The Consequences of Eternity Amnesia

My current sermon series is about being an eternity junkie and seeking hard after forever, with eternity set in our hearts. We can't be satisfied in anything else. I'm preaching it because we need it, and because I need it. I need to grasp for and long after eternity. 

From Forever (or Amazon | Kindle) by Paul David Tripp (pg 24-26). For explanations of each point, check out the book. Here are Tripp's "consequences of eternity amnesia"...

  1. Living with unrealistic expectations
  2. Focusing too much on self
  3. Asking too much of people
  4. Being controlling or fearful
  5. Questioning the goodness of God
  6. Living more disappointed than thankful
  7. Lacking motivation and hope
  8. Living as if life doesn't have consequences

Paige Patterson Apology

What do you think of the apology from Paige Patterson concerning admitting a Muslim student to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary? See his full convention message and his apology starting at 6 min and 30 sec. Seems to me it's both an apology and a defense, and I'm not sure how it can be both. 

"Dear God, I violated a policy, but I didn't want to stand before you with blood on my hands."

New Books In The Mail

Here's a smattering of new and notable books that are on my radar and on my shelf. 

Anything else good come out that you want to recommend? 

Sharon Van Etten - Are We There

There isn't a chance that I would pass up the new Sharon Van Etten album, Are We There. Her previous albums, Tramp and Epic, are great. I don't even need to preview the new album in order to buy it, but I know some of you do. Just watch this video for "Afraid of Nothing" and I know you will do what's right and buy this album. Looks like Are We There is a few bucks cheaper this week as Amazon's "Album of the Week."

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Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone

Lykke Li has made a breakup album full of power ballads. And it's nothing short of amazing. I've liked Lykke's music in the past, but never really became a big fan. That's all changed because of her new album, I Never Learn,* and the standout song for me, "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone." Here's the video, which is simple and remarkable. The lyrics are also posted below. If you go to this page you can listen to the song free and repeatedly while perusing the lyrics.

Listen to this song for what it is, and then also think about it in the context of how we love our neighbors. 

*Let me give you a hint. You can buy the album on CD for $0.50 cheaper than the download and still get the automatic download as you wait for the CD to show up. If that sounds like too much trouble, just download. I think you will love it.

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