Music Monday 9.1.14




Delta Spirit, one of my favorite bands, one of my favorite live bands, and has a new album releasing on 9.9 -- Into the Wide (pre-order for $6.99 and get 3 songs now). I've requested and received a review copy and I'm enjoying it a lot. At this point it is feeling like it will end up being my favorite DS album. My favorite song so far is "Push It," which is one of the three you get when you pre-order. I'll probably be posting on it at some point. The video for "From Now On" has just come out and it's great. It makes you think.


Music Monday 8.25.14

BUY TODAY --> The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers | CD with free download is same cost as download only. This album is a lot of fun, as are all TNP albums. And don't let the name scare you. It's from the mouth of a preacher. This music is really good and really fun.

GOOD MUSIC --> After the Video Music Awards last night I needed some real music. Whether you watched or not, here's real music. St. Paul and the Broken Bones with two live Take Away Shows. Amazing. First is the title track of their album Half the City and then an Otis Redding cover, "I've Been Loving You."

Phriday is for Photos

Time for some Friday photos. One from vacation and one from the first day of school.

Three of the ten beautiful horses at our vacation home. We would walk right around them and pet them as we fished. 

Three of the ten beautiful horses at our vacation home. We would walk right around them and pet them as we fished. 

Whenever we pose the kids for the first day of school photo (and most other times, too), we end with something goofy. This is what we got. This probably represents who they are better than standing up straight and smiling!

Whenever we pose the kids for the first day of school photo (and most other times, too), we end with something goofy. This is what we got. This probably represents who they are better than standing up straight and smiling!

Why I Coach Little Leaguers

I've been a Little League coach for the last 4 years. I've coached two championship teams for our local Little League. I've coached all stars. We've won an all star tournament. And I've also coached teams that came really close but couldn't finish. Winning is a lot of fun and what you shoot for, but sometimes getting really close is an amazing teacher and builder of character. I'm no great baseball coach though some of my teams have done well, but I love the kids and their families and caring about people sometimes takes you a lot further than skill and is more rewarding than winning.

Case in point. Watch David Belisle's post-elimination talk with his Little League World Series team from the New England region. You can coach good baseball as a jerk. I know guys who do that. But when a coach cares about kids, about families, it's something more. 

Books on my Radar 8.15.14

The Good Book Company continues to show their seriousness about Scripture and Bible study with their God's Word For You series by adding 1 Samuel For You and Titus for You by Tim Chester. If you order soon, you get Chester's 1 Samuel and Titus bible study guides for each book free with purchase.

6 lesson Bible study guide free

Other books in the For You series...

Other books, new or new to me, that I've just picked up or started reading...

For the Glory of God (KindleWTS) by Daniel Block | I was able to sit in the original seminary class that my friend, Dr. Daniel Block, taught on Theology of Worship. This book is the fruit of years of teaching this class. I've been asking him for years about when he would write this book and wondering at the good this resource will do, and I'm glad it's finally in my hands. 

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway | Certainly not new, but I'm reading through it and it's a delightful read.

Live (DVD/Handbook) by Rebecca Manley Pippert | The Good Book Company has sent me a copy of this DVD and handbook. It's for new believers and not-yet-believers. I haven't been able to check it out yet, but Tim Keller says, "These studies by Becky Pippert are clear and accessible, yet substantial and thoughtful explorations of how to be grounded and grow in Christian faith. They evidence years of experience working with people at all stages of belief and skepticism. I highly recommend them."

Can You Believe It's True?: Christian Apologetics in a Modern & Postmodern Era (WTS/Kindle) by John Feinberg | Just gifted this by Crossway and I'm excited about it. 

Evangelism (WTS/Kindle) by Mack Stiles | Always excited for new evangelism books and resources, and this one by Stiles under the 9 Marks name is one I've been wanting. After just a brief skim, I was excited to see Stiles POV on a few specific issues brought up in this book.

Cheap Kindle Books 8.11.14

A ton of good stuff for cheap right now! Go buy a Kindle Paperwhite for a great reading experience and a constant stream of very cheap books that are well worth reading.

Francis Schaeffer

Productivity & Faith

Logos Giveaway: Tyndale Ministry Collection

Hey all. I'm now a member of the Logos blogger team that is helping to get the word out about  Logos products. So I am hosting a Punchtab giveaway for you.

The Prize 

Tyndale Ministry Collection (9 vols.). The winner will be chosen at random on August 18th and the collection will be sent to the winner’s Logos account. Don’t have an account? No problem! You can sign up for free here and download free apps to read your books on any device here. I use Logos on all my devices.

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Cheap Kindle Books 7.22.14

CAPC: Greg Thornbury

President of King's College and friend, Greg Thornbury, was in a discussion on music and culture for Christ and Pop Culture podcast. Listen here. I just listened and it's excellent, thought-provoking.

Members of CaPC ($5 a month) get far more free things than the cost of membership, including right now Greg's recent book in ebook form, Recovering Classical Evangelicalism (Kindle), Joy For the World ebook, new Gray Havens' song, other books, other music, a comic book, and more. Wowzers. Join up.

Cheap Kindle Books 6.27.14

Some massive discounts on important theological books...