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Lankum - The Granite Gaze

Dude, this video. Watch it through. It's not just an amazing song. Lyrics below the video if you want to follow along. 

Are we the ones left behind
by those who weave cords that bind
They draw the marrow from our very bones
And we in-turn turn on our own

Stood in line in horse-hair shirts
We cued up to eat the dirt
We traded lumps on narrow streets
And bite the hand when you've no teeth

And it's a standing ovation for the shadow of a stone
As we dig into the soil beneath our homes
The future's further day by day, as our father's turn away
And he was clinging to a mother who eats her own

The granite gaze upon us now
A skulking mass recalling how
To plant a secret and tell no lies
For now we own those same-stone eyes

And it's the last gasp of wonder for a cretin on a throne
As our daughters sneak away across the phone
The future's just a thing we say to keep the sordid past at bay
And still we cling onto the mother who eats her own

We are the ones left behind
In swaddling bound with baling twine
They stole the marrow from our very bones
And we in-turn turn on our own

Music Monday 8.25.14

BUY TODAY --> The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers | CD with free download is same cost as download only. This album is a lot of fun, as are all TNP albums. And don't let the name scare you. It's from the mouth of a preacher. This music is really good and really fun.

GOOD MUSIC --> After the Video Music Awards last night I needed some real music. Whether you watched or not, here's real music. St. Paul and the Broken Bones with two live Take Away Shows. Amazing. First is the title track of their album Half the City and then an Otis Redding cover, "I've Been Loving You."

Music Monday 3.18.13

Streaming free small 470

Here are albums streaming free this week that I think are worth checking out...

Josh Garrels is still giving away 5 albums FREE.

New music video

Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater covers Roy Orbison's "It's Over" in the Texas outdoors. If you don't know Jonathan's work (with Okkervil River too), you should check it out. I still think Palo Santo is his best work. Covering Orbison is hard work, but well done by JM.

Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater plays "It's Over" by Roy Orbison

Tame Impala | "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

One of the bands I'd love for people to discover this year is Tame Impala. Their sophomore album, Lonerism, is compelling psychedelic rock. If John Lennon was alive and young today, he would sound something like Tame Impala. Plus, the reviews are crazy-good. Check out "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards."

Music Monday 7.9.12


MUSIC WEBSITES (you might wanna check out)




J.D. McPherson: Signs & Signifiers ($4.99)


From the earlier mentioned Dead Rat Orchestra, you probably haven't seen something quite like this. So cool.

Beirut | "The Rip Tide" Video

Most of my readers would know my love for the band Beirut. It's current, yet aged. It's creative, yet often stunningly simple. It's beautiful, often powerful, and always wonderful. One of the best bands working, in my opinion. Match that with what is probably their most stunning video to date for "The Rip Tide." The simplicity of the first 2 1/2 minutes turns into a rush of colors. Love the concept. Very impressed with this video. I hope you will enjoy it and pick up their great albums: The Rip Tide | Gulag Orkestar ($5.49 right now) | Lon Gisland EP The Flying Club Cup | March of the Zapotec.

Music Monday 2.27.12


New Josh Ritter video for "Love Is Making It's Way Back Home," created with 12,000 pieces of construction paper. Pretty awesome. Find it on Josh's new EP, Bringing In The Darlings.