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Jason Isbell on Fresh Air

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The more listens I give to Jason Isbell's remarkable album, Southeastern, the more I love it.

I point you to a lot of music and most of the time I blog on albums when they are on sale. Finding a good album for $5 or cheaper is joy. Southeastern is full price. It's $9.99. And it's worth three times the price. If you wait and spend your money only when albums are on sale, you will miss something remarkable. 

I submit into evidence Jason Isbell's recent appearance on NPR's Fresh Air podcast. Isbell plays a few of his songs live and talks about his own struggles with addiction. It's a great interview. And every song on this album makes me think. I hope you'll check it out.

Music Monday 7.1.13

Music Monday 470The fine folks from Bifrost Arts has a new worship album out. I've liked everything they've done to this point, so this is worthy of our attention.

Music Sale

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  • Jason Isbell: Southeastern | Getting a remarkable amount of play. A fantastic album.
  • Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City | This is getting the most play. Best album they've made. My kids love it too.