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Jason Isbell on Fresh Air

Jason Isbell (2)

The more listens I give to Jason Isbell's remarkable album, Southeastern, the more I love it.

I point you to a lot of music and most of the time I blog on albums when they are on sale. Finding a good album for $5 or cheaper is joy. Southeastern is full price. It's $9.99. And it's worth three times the price. If you wait and spend your money only when albums are on sale, you will miss something remarkable. 

I submit into evidence Jason Isbell's recent appearance on NPR's Fresh Air podcast. Isbell plays a few of his songs live and talks about his own struggles with addiction. It's a great interview. And every song on this album makes me think. I hope you'll check it out.

Fresh Air: Maurice Sendak is Happy/Sad


Terry Gross of NPR's Fresh Air interviews 83 year old, award winning author Maurice Sendak. You know him as the author of Where the Wild Things Are. He has a new book coming out, which is the point of the interview. But it turns into a talk with an author reminiscing about a life of art, being homosexual, therapy, losing loved ones, and ending life as an atheist in love with the world and feeling it slip through his fingers. Well worth a listen.

"I'm a happy old man, but I will cry my way all the way to the grave."

Music Monday 12.6.10

Blind music

Drew Grow & The Pastors' Wives: The Comfort Feel EP releases tomorrow, but you can listen to the whole thing today for free. Also grab their recent, self-titled album, which is great.

Fresh Air had a nice interview with jazz pianist Dave Brubeck celebrating his 90th birthday. Great stuff. Pick up Brubeck's albums: Time Out or Take 5. Who is Dave Brubeck? Ahh...

You don't think I'd leave you hanging without a Christmas song, did you? Here's one of the greatest Christmas songs EVER.