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Avett Brothers | 2 Songs on Fallon

This is one of the most hopeful signs concerning the "popular version" of the Avett Brothers vs. the pre-popular version. Once they started shooting for and reaching the national stage, their music became slightly over-produced and less punk-awesome and screamo-fun. That's a lot of hyphens. In a bit of a return to form, I give you the band that bandwagon fans (not a put down) might have never heard. These guys rock, and everyone needs to know it. Crank. It. Up.

Yo La Tengo on Fallon

Yo La Tengo was on Fallon last night. I posted about their new album, Fade, yesterday because it's excellent and only $5. They had two performances from the show: the first on the live show and the second after the show. Notice the drummer on the right in the first video from the live show. Pretty cool. I think that drum kit was used on Pet Sounds.