The Big 5: Books on Suffering

SufferingI'm sidelined today with terrible back pain.  I'm nearly immobile, and can't move without wincing.  Ugh.  So it's a good day for books on suffering.  What are your big 5 books on suffering?  These can be books on suffering in general or something specific like the loss of a baby.  If your friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and asked you for something to read on suffering, what would it be?  If you woke up in agonizing back pain and needed a refresher on what God does through pain in your body, what would it be? 

PLEASE, refrain from turning this into a comment thread on my back pain.  I know a few of you care about me and want to share my pain.  But I want this to be a resource thread in the future, so just list and discuss books.  Go!