Stephen Um & City Mission

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Stephen Um, coauthor with Justin Buzzard of the new book Why Cities Matter: To God, The Culture, & The Church (Amazon | WTS), writes on Resurgence about how to be on mission in the city. Here are his 5 points.
  1. Get Grounded In The Gospel
  2. Learn Your City's Story
  3. Engage In The Life Of Your City
  4. Discern Your City's Idols
  5. Retell Your City's Story With The Gospel

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Tim Keller | Center Church Livestream

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This should be good. Two hour livestream with Tim Keller focusing on Center Church during a @TGC regional event. A week from today. Mark your calendar. Here's the schedule...
3:00-3:15 p.m.
Introduction to Tim Keller and The Gospel Coalition New England Regional Conference
Stephen Um

3:15-4:00 p.m.
Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City
Tim Keller

4:00-4:45 p.m.
Contextualization and Theological Vision
Tim Keller, Richard Lints, David Wells, and Stephen Um

4:45-5:00 p.m.
Live Q&A from Boston audience and from online
Use #TGCNE12 and #CenterChurch

Tim Keller | Center Church Releases Tomorrow!


I'm very excited to have Center Church by Dr. Timothy Keller in my library. It's nearly 400 pages and is packed full of good stuff. It's hard to describe how "packed full" it is until you see it. You can see pieces of it here...

Check out some of the praise it's receiving...

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Center Church is my favorite book Tim Keller has written thus far.
- Scotty Smith, Christ Community Church

This is not simply curriculum content; it is exactly the kind of life-giving, generative gospel theology our churches need.
- Stephen Um, CityLife Presbyterian Church, Boston

This book will help you if you are serious about seeing your city transformed by the gospel of grace.
- Darrin Patrick, Vice President of the Acts 29 Network

In Center Church, one of the great missionary statesmen of our times lays out a vision of the church vigorous enough to transform entire cities through its agency of the gospel.
- Alan Hirsch, Founding Director of Forge Mission Training Network

Watch this video. Note that Keller says, "Things that work in cities often we find work outside of cities as well." This is more than a book for city-center church planting, and as I have said several times, the best books on the church (regardless of where you are located) are urban church books. 

Buy Center Church at 35% off (or 34% off at Amazon, if you prefer).

Tim Keller | "Changing the World Through Cities"

Tim Keller recently spoke at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee on "Changing the World Through Cities." Go listen and/or download.

UPDATE: There were three talks given, all available online. (Also note the 2007 talk.)

Tim Keller | The Berlin Conference


Tim Keller gave three talks at the 2011 Berlin Conference, two of which were followed by questions & answers. You have to register on the City to City Europe website to download, but it's worth it. His talks...

  • The Gospel-Centered Church (also Q&A)
  • The Urban Church (also Q&A)
  • The Holistic Church

Go to City to City Europe to download them.

Support NYC Mission | VBS Offering

My friend, Freddy Wyatt, leads Gallery Church in New York City. Is your church doing the 2011 Big Apple Adventure Vacation Bible School? You can support this new work in NYC through your VBS Missions Offering. Would love if some of my readers' churches could help out this good brother and good work in the Big Apple! Check out their videos, starting with the one below...

Bryan Chapell Discussion with Tim Keller


Tim Keller was at Covenant Seminary and had a discussion with his friend and Covenant President Bryan Chapell (podcasted in December of 2010). Bryan Chapell led a two part discussion with him followed by a two part question & answer time.

The heart of the conversation was Counterfeit Gods, but tons of other rich, helpful stuff. We get stuff from Keller's prayer life, to the three year revival at Redeemer (according to Jonathan Edwards' standards), to the difficulties and blessings of 9/11 at Redeemer, to his thoughts on how getting "fame" as a pastor late in life has impacted Redeemer and their future and the push for leadership development, to how he prepares sermons, and bunches more. So good.

MP3's are below (original source). Or do as I did: go subscribe to Living Christ Today podcast and find the episodes from December. Tons of other great stuff there from Chapell and others. 

Click to listen, right click to download...

Discussion 1 | Discussion 2 || Q&A 1 | Q&A 2

Tim Keller: Urban Plant Life PDFs

13_logo Here are PDF's of talks Tim Keller gave at the Urban Plant Life conference in London a couple of years ago. You can also check out the audio/video or grab the podcast. But having documents you can print and search is very helpful. Thanks to @BradAndrews for the heads-up.

1. Gospel Renewal
2. Church & Culture
3. Contextual & Missional
4. Gospel Theology
5. Integrative Ministry
6. Gospel Preaching
7. Gospel Theology
8. Movement Dynamics
9. Church Planting

(original location)

Keller: Global Cities Initiative

Gci-letters_for_web  From the Redeemer Church Planting Center (via OnMovements.com)...

The Global Cities Initiative Conference took place in New York City on September 9 - 11, 2009.  Over 80 cities were represented by ministry leaders and church planters, and the experience culminated in the signing of a covenant (found in a link to the right under "Related Media.") 

Tim Keller gave three plenary addresses at GCI, which you can stream by clicking on the titles to the right (or download by right-click).  Also to the right are downloadable pdfs of the outlines of these talks, which were distributed at the conference.  The talks were:

September 9th - "Gospel Renewal"
September 10th - "City Focus"
September 11th - "Movements & Ecosystems"

The conference was hosted by Redeemer Church Planting Center in partnership with Transform World Connections, which was founded and is currently led by Luis Bush.

Links to the audio and PDF's...

Tim Keller: Urban Plant Life

080208_so0xkeller_vl-verticalThanks to emailer Colin Millar of Belfast, Northern Ireland, you have three new talks by Timothy Keller.  Keller spoke at a church planting conference called Urban Plant Life in late November. 

1. Contextual Mission
2. Church and Culture
3. Gospel Renewal

The original links to the conference talks are at the London City Mission site.  You can stream the messages there rather than downloading if you like, but that's like going to P.F. Chang's once without ever returning.  It's just stupid.  Enjoy!

By the way, the beginning of the first talk Keller talks about what "missional" is, what a "missional church" looks like. The whole talk is in that direction, but the start was particularly interesting.

LEAD Conference

Image1On October 22-24 the LEAD Conference begins in St. Louis.  From the website...

We are gathering some of the best leaders to equip, encourage and employ up and coming urban leaders.  Our focus will be on the theological and practical implications of ministry in an urban context. There will be three breakout tracks for leaders to participate in: Church Planting, Mercy, and Arts. ...We will learn together, grow together and change the world together. 

The conference coincides with an Acts 29 Boot Camp, and the list of speakers is top notch: Bryan Chapell, Darrin Patrick, Daniel Montgomery, Eric Mason, Randy Nabors, and Matt Carter. Breakout tracks include church planting, arts, and mercy.  Should be great.  If things are ok at the time with my wife's "illness," I hope to go.