Time With God


Good news from TheGoodBook.com.

Starting today there's a $1.00 - 48 hour sale on an introduction to daily Bible reading called Time With GodTime With God is a 28 day introduction to their daily Bible reading series called Explore.  

The series is 
  • Reliable; clearly applied Bible teaching covering Old and New Testaments
  • Manageable; a suggested 15 minutes per study with optional cross references for further reading
  • Flexible; dated and numbered readings so you can go at your own pace
  • Incisive; not a 'thought for the day' approach, but clear and careful teaching within the context of the whole of the Bible's revelation
  • Extras; like application, a suggested prayer point and further study make it much more than your average thought for the day.
Each day's reading forces you to open up your Bible and spend that valuable time with the Lord that we need if we are to grow and mature in our relationship with him.
Contributors to Explore and Time With God: