Remember This Name: Her Name Is Calla


I received an email more than 3 weeks ago from the violinist of a band called Her Name Is Calla. Sophie found Reformissionary when searching for Shearwater and thought I would like their sound. My first thought was to get to it someday, just out of courtesy. After all, what are the odds that a band I've never heard of will randomly email me and I'll like their band because they think they sound like an awesome band? Not likely.

Today I was working through my inbox, trying to get to stuff I've forgotten was there. I followed a link and clicked play. WOW! I'm floored. A magical experience. I want you to be floored too. Here's the first song I heard, "Pour Some Oil" (song only, no video). If you are thinking you'll check it out someday...don't wait like I did. This is that day. Trust me.

I have the feeling this won't be the last word from me on Her Name Is Calla.

UPDATE: Download their first "mini" album, The Heritage, and their Long Grass EP free. Over an hour of music. You'll have to click the link and scroll and you'll find links to downloads. Follow them @HerNameIsCalla.