Music Monday 10.11.10


Sufjan Stevens on his new fantastic album, The Age of Adz, in comparison to his previous masterpiece, Illinoise: "I was getting tired of that self-conscious, rambling psychobabble. I got really sick of myself and my own flawed, epic approach to everything." (via)

Glen Hansard plays "Paper Cup." Everything this guy does is good.

I have my Man Card handy just in case someone calls that into question. But here we go. I've never watched an episode of Glee. I've only ever caught it on TV once, and that was this song. I think it's a remarkable reworking of The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand." It's a fun, famous pop song made into an emotional dedication. Some of this is sorta hard to watch as, you know, it's a bit cheesy. But I really like what they did to the song.