Books I'm Reading

I'm into three books right now that really have me excited. Wanted to encourage you to check them out. I have reviews coming soon.

3716 1. Deep Church - Jim Belcher (@jimbelcher) (Buy: Westminster, IVP, Amazon: out of stock)

I'm 140 pages in and just love this book. It's analysis and critique of both the emerging and traditional church with a compelling "third way" beyond those two. The analysis of the emerging church as well as Brian McLaren has really been outstanding. Belcher's understanding of the third way resonates very strongly with me.

Fightclubscover1 2. Fight Clubs - Jonathan Dodson (download for free, buy copies at Resurgence)

Jonathan is a friend and I've been looking forward to this booklet for a while. "Fight Clubs are about promoting gospel-centered discipleship, groups of two to three men or women fighting the fight of faith." It's fairly short and is an easy read. Practical and helpful advice from a Gospel-rich author and pastor.

39227286 3. Counterfeit Gods - Tim Keller (releases on Oct 20th - Amazon)

Have you heard of Tim Keller? :) I am preaching a series on idolatry starting on September 6th and will be using this book as a resource. I can't say much yet as I've only gotten a little of the way in and so far haven't seen much beyond what I've read or heard from Dr. Keller in other places. But I'm pumped about this book and can't wait to get deeper into it.