Music Monday 8.24.09

Black_River_Killer-Blitzen_Trapper_480 Some good stuff for you today.

New, out tomorrow, is Blitzen Trapper's new EP Black River Killer. It sounds outstanding from the first track, "Black River Killer" (also on the Furr album, video), and the samples of the other songs. Six songs only available on CDR at BT's live shows until now. Buy it tomorrow on Amazon.

Coldplay's Viva La Vida - Prospekt's March Edition is only $2.99 for an Amazon download. Go get it.

I've posted plenty of Manchester Orchestra here before, including this song, "Shake It Out." At about the 2:35 mark starts one of the coolest 2 1/2 minutes of music that I've ever heard with some heavy, religious thoughts...

I felt the Lord begin
to peel off all my skin
and i felt the weight within
reveal a bigger mess
that you can't fix

Just love it. TURN IT UP!

Anyone else wish they stumbled upon The Avett Brothers and an impromptu live song? Thought so...

If you are interested in songwriting this is a must-watch, vintage video looking into the world of an amazing songwriter...