Here We Go Again

DSC_00112007-08-07I was hoping this post would never come.  It has.

My wife, Molly, has started to see symptoms from her Chiari I Malformation again.  It's pretty close to as bad as her pre-surgery days.  Her surgery was July 13th, 2007.  She is having great tension in her neck and shoulders.  Her hands and feet become numb if she sits for long at all, like a 5 minute car ride.  She is having some balance issues and minor issues with thinking and completing thoughts.  She feels all day long like she has chugged a bunch of coffee and is jittery and tense.  I watched her on both Sunday and Monday barely able to hold a bottle of contact solution as she tried to get contacts in her eyes.  Her last remaining symptom from last year, a kind of body jolt, has multiplied and become more severe.  So far the symptoms have only gotten worse day by day.

I know many of you prayed for Molly and our family last year.  For a year she has been nearly symptom free.  Things have changed, and we don't know why.  And we don't know what this means for the future.  She could see her symptoms go away on their own.  We've been told that can happen.  We also know it isn't odd for someone like Molly to have multiple surgeries.  The doctor has asked for new MRI's to check her Chiari and CSF flow.  After he views those we should know more.  We aren't sure how fast we will get the prescription and hear from him.  I will keep you posted.  Please pray.

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