Lots-o-Links 7.9.08

Joe Thorn and I have an announcement coming on Friday.  Stay tuned.

Justin Childers has some great questions from John Bunyan.  Do these characterize your life?

If you haven't found it yet, Re:Lit (Resurgence Literature) has a new site.

In sports news, I'm enjoying following the Tour de France, though it doesn't come close to the Lance years.  And good news for the Cubs comes in a trade for two pitchers.

I remember years ago hearing Mark Dever talk about the book The Gospel Blimp by Joseph Bayly, a book on how to do and not to do evangelism.  The author's sons have put up the comic book version for your enjoyment.  Well worth checking out.

Andy Davis talks "Dangers in Reforming a Church."  Thoughtful.

How can you encourage expressiveness in worship?  Some thoughts from Bob Kauflin.

Jonathan Dodson: Help on leading an organic church and Driscoll on movements.

Chuck Lawless on evangelistic goal setting.

Jeremy Pryor: 3 powerful tools for discipleship.

Craig Groeschel: 10 lessons on developing people.

Matt Chandler audio: Creating pathways for spiritual formation.

Quite coddling your kids.  Please!  And don't miss the excellent TED video in the article.

Tony Morgan: 9 do's and don'ts for ministry growth.

Prepare for Keller's book The Prodigal God by listening to his sermon The Prodigal Sons.