Live Blogging Nowhere Near the 2007 SBC - Part 7

As I put up my seventh post today, I want welcome you to the most perfect live-blogging post ever.  It's not perfect like Johnny Hunt's tan perfect, or Bobby Welch's F.A.I.T.H. acronym perfect, or Bobby Welch's bus perfect, or Bobby Welch's dead frog illustration perfect.  Those are actually perfect.  This is just perfect because I like to imagine I do something perfect from time to time.

We went to Wal-Mart tonight to load up on essentials so that when Molly heads to surgery we will be well stocked.  I was looking for a good outdoor chair to buy, something comfortable for our backyard.  But I just couldn't decide.  They also had an $80 little gazebo canopy that looked simple to build and tear down.  But I just didn't have $80 to spare.  It was blue, in case you needed to picture it in your head.

Here are a few things we purchased...

- Five packs of Scott's Moist Wipes (or as we call it, "butt wipe")
- Two packages of IAMS cat food: Indoor Weight and Hairball Care for Calvin (had a $5 off coupon)
- Got2b Glued Hair Glue (for me, and Elijah's "shark" hairdo)
- Country Crock Churn Style
- DoubleStuf Oreo Cool Mint Creme

Ahh, a good day of shopping.  Then we let the boys ride those $.50 horse or car rides that the kids seem to love so much.  You know, the ones that break the bank and they barely move.  For $.50 the bull Jack was riding should buck him right on his keister.  But alas, it was too tame.

Molly was dragging by the time we were done, and wondering if her two better days were all she would experience.  Hopefully tomorrow will be another.

I just received the latest list of articles from Baptist Press and can't help but remember that after a few years of attending the SBC (and this year being nowhere near the SBC in San Antonio) I have never felt BP did a good job of reporting.  They help you know what those in power want you to know.  They give you the majority spin.  But they aren't about the real news.  I honestly don't mean that as a cut-down to BP.  I just wish they would say what they are and be ok with that.  As it is they don't seem genuine, and that hurts my feelings.  Ok, it doesn't.  But it should.

This year I have been getting my SBC in San Antonio news from BP & ABP (grain of salt) and from friends who are calling me with info (which is usually both funny and right on).

Let me also say that as I sit here far from San Antonio, I'm not thinking of Tim Ellsworth, or Marty Duren, or Scott Lamb, or Scott Slayton, or any of my SBC blogging friends.  I'm not thinking of Al Mohler, or Russ Moore, or Danny Akin, or O.S. Hawkins, or Ed Stetzer, or Frank Page, or that guy who finally won an election in the SBC and then abused some letterhead.  I'm not thinking of how many great books are on the LifeWay discount tables because SBC'rs don't buy good books.  I'm not thinking of how we pass resolutions thanking the President of the United States for liberating Iraq or sharing appreciation Ronald Reagan and brush off thoughtful, biblical and important resolutions by Tom Ascol.  I'm not thinking about reasons why I love us, but reasons why I hate us.

Honestly, with all truth, I'm thinking of my Double Stuf Cool Mint Creme Oreos that my wife has set next to me.  And I'm thinking that if I were in San Antonio, and I'm not, I'm nowhere near San Antonio, I wouldn't be enjoying 2 cookies at 150 calories and 7g of fat.  I just might eat 4.

See Joe Thorn's dinner pic.