Live Blogging Nowhere Near the 2007 SBC - Part 6

Wow, it's just after 5pm and there is still so much of the day left!  Ladies and Gents, I'm coming to you live from my backyard via home-based wifi which just happens to be not even slightly close to the SBC messenger clapfest in San Antonio, Texas.  I'm swatting the flies and enjoying the heat of the sun on a perfect summerish day.  Looks like Joe Thorn is doing the same in his backyard.

Question: Is this the first time the SBC has been held outside the U.S.?  Question: How hard was it for those of you who traveled to Texas to get a visa?  I've never had to get one.

Speaking of flies, I'm so glad I'm not down there swatting the flies of legalism and jerkwadism.  I'm glad I'm not hearing the seminary presidents, those "hornets," buzzing in my ears.  I'm glad I'm not getting the life-blood sucked out of me by every silly motion and discussion.  I'm glad I'm nowhere near the 2007 SBC and very near to my family (including my wife, who is smokin' hot), close to my church, and in the rays of pleasant sunshine. 

I'm also glad I'm not reading many of "the bloggers."  You know, I don't think a single blogger who is detailing the SBC is in my Google Reader.  I just realized that.  Honestly, while I call some of "the bloggers" friends, I'm just not like them.  I don't want what they want, I don't want to get it they way they want to get it, etc.  When most who aren't bloggers in the SBC talk about "the bloggers," I know they aren't really talking about me.  Maybe a few are from time to time, but for the most part they are talking about guys who are very much not like me.  Some guys (and gals) are trying to change the SBC with newsy posts and political pressure and insider information.  I'm just not that guy.  Enough on that.

After leaving "the bucks" at 3pm I came home and changed into some shorts.  Actually my blue shorts, my Dr. Pepper T-shirt (which I've worn at some point in each of the last three days), and my Dr. Martens flip-flops.  Oh, and my Cubs hat, worn with pride. 

At the church I delivered up some burgers and dogs on the grill for Market Day workers and their kids.  For a bit longer they are delivering goods to folks who are buying food and supporting local schools.  I enjoy finding new ways to serve my community, and always feel like I could/should do more.

I currently have this song stuck in my head, so I've had a direct IV of The Album Leaf to cure me.  Delightful music, worth checking out.

I also have been dealing with a full email inbox today. Lots of folks with encouraging, prayerful emails for me and for Molly.  Those have really helped me.  It's also been helpful today to see my wife walking without help.  She has been using a cane or holding my arm when walking for several days (nausea, numbness, balance, weakness issues).  Yesterday and today has been her first opportunity to walk on her own for a while.  And she also drove to Aldi!  She hasn't driven for a couple of weeks because of fear that she would not be able to react or be strong enough to do what's necessary.  It's been a good day.

And now I'm sipping a Coca-Cola from a can and heading over to the church to help them finish up in the next 30 minutes or so.  More later.