Live Blogging Nowhere Near the 2007 SBC - Part 5

Heyo!  I'm live, just about on my way out of a Starbucks that isn't anywhere near San Antonio or fat SBC'rs in little coats.  I'm not leaving any Crossover San Antonio tracks on the tables here, and I'm not reporting the many spurious conversions that have happened in Starbucks since I sat down here late this morning.  And unlike what's happening in San Antonio I'm not judging the post-punk-ish music on the loudspeaker, the Mitch Albom book for sale, the girl with the multi-colored hair or the pastor working in his blue jeans (oh wait, that's me!).

It's been a hard workday here with many interruptions.  All good interruptions.  But still didn't get enough done.  I'll do more tonight.  The interruptions have included good friends wanting to get up to date on Molly and future surgery, and a woman in town who is helping organize aid for victims of a local (non-San Antonio) apartment fire.

Headed now to our house to get our grill and drag it to our church.  We are letting our local schools use the church this summer to distribute Market Day stuff and they want to cook out for the volunteer workers. 

For the record I've talked to Joe Thorn on the phone 4 times in the last 4 hours.  Pretty normal really for me and my "boyfriend." 

More updates on this amazing, life-changing, non-SBC attending day coming soon.  And I'm certain to encounter no southern accents, no chicken fried anything that isn't chicken, no Soul Force protesters, and no pastor's wives wearing more makeup than Marilyn Manson.