Live Blogging Nowhere Near the 2007 SBC - The End

Joe Thorn has finished a day of photoblogging, and it's time for me to close out my day of live-blogging (which, by the way, was lived nowhere near the SBC in San Antonio).  I'm still nowhere near San Antonio.  I'm not getting closer to home, or farther from San Antonio.  I'm just here, where I've been.

I heard a movie podcast tonight, worked on Matthew 5:13-16 for next Sunday, and still haven't had a Double Stuf Cool Mint Creme Oreo.  Right before bed is the wrong time to have my first, so I will close the day with an empty stomach.  Maybe I will savor my first tomorrow.

I was reminded tonight, through the most ordinary of circumstances, that I really love my wife deeply.  Man, so much.  I love her and my kids so much that sometimes it hurts.  I'm continually gripped with the feeling that the loss of any of them would rip my heart into so many pieces that it may never function properly again.  But that's love, isn't it?  If life weren't so good now, and if these jewels in my breastplate weren't so priceless to me now, the pain that might ever come my way should they go missing would not be all that bad.  It has taken brain surgery to make that clearer than ever, and I'm very thankful for the scalpel that is hovering on our horizon.

Geez that sounded cheesy.  But the cheese here is without question not nearly as cheesy as the 2007 SBC in San Antonio must have been in the eyes of those who have eyes to see.  Our denominational affairs are so self-important.  Our denominational decisions are so over-hyped.  So I'm grateful to God that He allowed me the chance to live-blog here, which may as well be a million miles from ballots and reports and messengers and SBC celebrities. 

May God help us all to vote for the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons.  And may we vote first for Jesus, our Prophet, Priest, and King.  And then for our families, our local congregations, and our local communities, who need to the kind of preaching that reveals a spiritual poverty that will lead them to follow Jesus with heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Signing off, from anywhere but San Antonio, good evening.