Pro Bowl & Talking With Your Kids

I was watching some of the Pro Bowl with my sports fanatic 6 year old son, Elijah.  He asks so many questions during sporting events that I often miss the on-air discussions with the "experts."  Yeah, I know talking with my kid is way better than listening to Greg Gumbel, but sometimes I really want to hear what they are saying.

After tonight, I will never question the priority of listening to my son.  Somewhere around question/comment #1,724 he noticed that a guy on the Redskins was playing where Brian Urlacher would play.  I missed the first half of his comment as I was coming out of my game-mode zombie state and switching to loving-dad-mode, but he said something like, "Dad, did you notice that a guy from the Rednecks is playing where Urlacher plays?"

Where in the heck has he heard of rednecks?  I think he has listened to too many Mark Driscoll sermons.

Man, I love my kids.