Use These Links

Here are a few links for you...

Tom Ascol (of Founders Ministries) discusses the post-denominational time we live in and some research from SBC's Lifeway.  Ascol proves again to be an important voice both in and out of the SBC.

The Internet Monk gives 5 reasons he doesn't use the word "inerrancy." He then spends an entire post using the word "inerrancy!"  :)

Kent over at gives 8 steps to mind mapping.  Here's an fun free resource.

The autism rate is now about 1 in 150.  Yikes.  My 8 year old is autistic, for anyone who didn't know already.

I met Drew Goodmanson last year at the Reform & Resurge Conference in Seattle.  Really good guy.  I've had his blog on my sidebar for a while, but I just wanted to emphasize that Drew is doing some great blogging lately.  Make him one of your "must reads." 

Al Hsu continues some great posts on ministry in suburbia, including this post on the hiddenness of poverty in suburbia.

Joe has been taking some great photos lately, like this one.