New *George Whitefield Resources* Page

I just launched a George Whitefield Resources page. As I searched the internet I found various, helpful resources in various places. I hope this page will serve you well by trying to bring all the links and books and journals and letters to one place. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Markdriscoll Very cool to see Mark Driscoll's new website,, where he, his wife Grace & his daughter Ashley will be writing. Grace will write on being a Godly wife, mother, and friend. Ashley will write book reviews for teens and on how to balance the pressures of high school and staying faithful to Jesus. Mark will be writing on, oh, you know, the stuff a pastor, preacher, movement leader might write on. :) Should be a fine resource.

ESV GreekTools


If you are like me, you use the ESV Online a lot. I'm always referencing it and using the ESV Study Bible notes. Now you can for $10 get lifetime access to ESV GreekTools...

ESV GreekTools puts the original language of the New Testament into the hands of beginning and advanced students, as well as seasoned pastors, scholars, and laymen looking for an affordable and accessible Greek reference tool. Intuitive, easy-to-use, and fully customizable, ESV GreekTools is an online application available through the platform. Now you can do serious work with the Greek text, at home or on the go, no matter your level of proficiency.


  • Complete NA27 Greek text
  • ESV interlinear and reverse-interlinear renderings of the text
  • Complete data set for each word, including lexical data, contextual and morphological information (including parsings), and Strong’s number.
  • Powerful search tool that lets users search by Greek word, transliterated Greek word, Strong’s number, English word, or any combination of those values
  • Complete English and Greek concordances
  • Customizable interface that works seamlessly with other features, including study resources and notes. 

I already bought my ESV GreekTools. Go get it.