Tim Keller on Les Mis

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Tim Keller commented on recently viewing the movie version of Les Miserables with his wife, Kathy. It's short and to the point, and I'm only giving you a snippet...

I could make this review, very, very short: It’s been a long time since Kathy and I left a theater with tears running down our cheeks.


I for one am glad that millions of viewers will be exposed to the themes of redemption, self-righteousness, and self-sacrifice. Critics uncomfortable with the unabashed sincerity with which those themes are treated have mocked the film as “risible.” The rest of us can weep tears of joy.

In the short "review" there's more good stuff. Go read it.

Books on the Cross


I posted a Twitter question asking for favorite books on the Cross. Here are the responses given without comment. My favorites are at the end.

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Fake Joe Thorn said Note To Self, but maybe he wasn't serious. :)

My response, 5 of my favorites...