Passion by Mike McKinley

The Good Book Company has released a new book in perfect timing to pick up cheap and read it and/or give it away with Easter just around the corner. Check out Passion by Mike McKinley. McKinley is also author of Am I Really A Christian? and Church Planting Is For Wimps. On Passion, a blurb, a video, & a few endorsements...

Walking readers through Luke's Gospel, US pastor and well-known author Mike McKinley looks at the events of the last day of Jesus' earthly life. At each point, he pauses to marvel at the love Christ has for His people; and shows how Jesus' people can learn from His passion, His care, and His integrity. 

It offers a sweet series of meditations on Jesus Christ’s life-changing and universe-altering final day. It is an excellent read for both seeker and Christian.
Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director of 9Marks Ministries; author of0 Reverberation and The Surprising Offense of God’s Love

...his insights are like nails!
Michael Reeves, Head of Theology, UCCF; author, The Good God

The cross stands tall at the center of the gospel. Understanding this deeply, Mike writes with an earthy, pastoral voice as he relates the drama of Jesus’ crucifixion. Thoroughly rooted in the beauty of the gospel, Passion draws us back again and again to reflect on these timeworn truths.
Daniel Montgomery, Lead Pastor of Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, Kentucky, US; author of Faithmapping

Joy Ending & Joy Eternal

On Saturday I had the privilege to speak to a mausoleum full of people who lost and buried loved ones last year at McHenry County Memorial Park. An employee of the cemetery is a family friend, which opened the opportunity to preach for about 20 minutes from the first two Beatitudes

I wanted to share with you some free music from The Joy Eternal: A Sweet & Bitter Providence (download below) which I found to be very encouraging during my prep week for this event. John Piper readings are featured in these songs, and he says this about the music...

Big truth and beautiful sounds are a powerful combination. The Joy Eternal has touched me both ways. One of my biblical sieves for what is real is the apostolic word 'sorrowful yet always rejoicing.' I hear that in these songs, and they ring true. Beautifully true. May God give them wings.

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Books on the Cross


I posted a Twitter question asking for favorite books on the Cross. Here are the responses given without comment. My favorites are at the end.

6 Mentions

2 Mentions 

1 Mention

Fake Joe Thorn said Note To Self, but maybe he wasn't serious. :)

My response, 5 of my favorites...

Those Who Face the Death of a Child


At The Gospel Coalition this week I was able to talk with David and Nancy Guthrie. Nancy Guthrie is the author of many books, including Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus and Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.

Nancy and David told me about Respite, a ministry to parents who have suffered the death of a child. I want to encourage those who have lost a child or have friends who have suffered in this way to check it out. Pastors, this could be a very valuable resource to keep in mind.