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Lots-o-Links 1.2.14

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Albert Mohler - "Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books" - Here are his main points, but you should read his whole article. Reading between the lines, I think he reads lots of comic books.

  1. Maintain regular reading projects.
  2. Work through major sections of Scripture.
  3. Read all the titles written by some authors
  4. Get some big sets and read them through
  5. Allow yourself some fun reading, and learn how to enjoy reading by reading enjoyable books.
  6. Write in your books; mark them up and make them yours. - "14 Resolutions for Writers" - I encourage you to check out ScribblePreach. I've been reading Nick for a short time and enjoying it. Here's one of his resolutions...

Start a project you can finish. Finish something this year: a short story, a series of essays, a short book. Before moving onto the big novel or book, finish something small to keep your momentum going.

Journal of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood - "The Wedding Vows 20 Years Later" - My post was published in the Fall 2013 issue...

I love you, Molly. Keep walking with me in these broken bodies and with these selfish struggles with sin; hold my hand, and let’s stay on this narrow path to something far better than what has so far been so amazingly good.

John Piper - "Don't Waste Your Weaknesses in 2014"

In 2014, I encourage you to identify and exploit your weaknesses for the glory of Christ.


Since 2007, millions of people have read books and taken inventories designed to find our strengths. These are useful for positioning people in places of maximum effectiveness.

But I am calling you to give attention and effort in finding your weaknesses and maximizing their God-given purpose.

Al Mohler & 20 Years at SBTS

This story about Albert Mohler's history with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary explains the main reasons I left Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1998 and transferred to Southern. I remember email conversations with Mohler, Tom Nettles, Tom Schreiner and others at the time. I sought out their advice as the Scriptures were leading me into reformed theology. I only knew Mohler was at SBTS and not the others. After God made those connections for me, I was sold on Southern and transferred there to finish my MDiv. It was the best decision I've ever made about my education, and I'm grateful to Dr. Mohler and Southern Seminary for enduring the pain and determination required to re-create a place where the truths of Scripture would be taught to young men like me.