The Big 5: Romantic Movies

SayAnythingYeah, that's right.  It's time to pour yourself and your significant other some Courvoisier and warm up in front of 120 minutes of pure romance...

What are your Big 5 romantic movies? 

It's ok.  I know some of you will mention cheesy stuff.  No worries.  Others will mention movies that don't seem all that romantic.  But this is YOUR Big 5, no one else's.  And sure, mention a romantic comedy if you like.  But just because there is a relationship in the movie doesn't make it romantic.  It should sweep her off her feet or shine a light on her Prince Charming.  It may find her in need of rescue!  It may find him fighting for her life!  Please, nothing steamy.  Let's leave that for after the movie (pre-married couples not included).