Family Updates

DSC_00012008-04-23Two quick family updates.

Molly & Chiari: Molly has received a prescription to get some MRI's done and now has an appointment on Thursday of this week.  These will be sent to her surgeon to see if they note any significant changes or problems.  They are also going to check her CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) flow to see if/how much it's blocked, I believe through another MRI.  If there's anything I know about Molly and her Chiari issues it's that laying still in one position for long at all is very painful and frustrating for her.  Getting the MRI's will be an ordeal.

Her symptoms have been pretty bad.  Every day is painful and she often feels nauseous (a symptom she never felt before with Chiari).  The one thing we are happy about is that she isn't struggling much with balance issues.  A few bad stretches, but not like last year.  Thanks for your prayers.  I'll update when something happens.

Elijah the All-Star: We finally got the schedule for Elijah's all-star games, not that you care.  But we were very surprised to find out the first game is this Sunday morning at 9:30am.  We knew he could have a Sunday game, but we never assumed it would be in the morning.  We felt compelled to have him play since they only have a 12 player roster and at try-outs they said you have to be able to play all games (that was before the schedule came out).  But we also felt compelled to show our son and those on the team that we have priorities that trump baseball.

So I pulled Elijah in to my office and showed him the schedule.  He looked at me puzzled by the Sunday morning game.  I asked him what he thought he should do.  He said, "Go to church."  No fight, no tears, no depression, no struggle, no whining.  He has his priorities in order.  I'm very, very proud of my little boy, and this Sunday we will be missing an all-star game in order to worship the one who made the stars.  Geez, that was cheesy.