Molly & Chiari: One Year from Diagnosis

DSC_00112007-08-07A year ago yesterday I put up my first post about my wife Molly and her diagnosis of Chiari I MalformationA year ago today it was confirmed by her neurologist as her official diagnosis.  Her brain surgery went down on July 13th, as you may remember from this epic post, "Operation Chiari Freedom," describing that day and the hospital stay.  (Read all the old chiari posts.)

Many folks have asked for an update on Molly and here it is.  She is doing very well.  She is starting to eat with utensils again and is responding to my dog whistle.  LOL.  C'mon!  That's funny.  Actually she is nearly symptom free.  Her one remaining symptom is a jolting thing she does without warning.  I have explained it before, but it's essentially like a pee shiver (how descriptive of me), or that moment when you are falling asleep and jolt yourself awake.  The difference is it's slightly more pronounced and very random.  We have no idea what it is and haven't seen a marked increase in the symptom, so we aren't too worried.  But we watch it.

Over the last year Molly has had multiple opportunities to speak with other folks who are facing Chiari surgery.  Some have emailed, some have called.  My blog is like the 16 hit on Google for "chiari surgery" and can be found other ways, and often is.  As my posts tapered off so have some of those who are emailing, but they still contact us here and there.  It's a neat ministry for her.

A year later our main feeling is a deep thankfulness to God for his goodness and mercy.  They have pursued us.  As we have more to say about Molly & Chiari, I will let you know.  Until that time we thank all of my readers and those who have been praying for Molly and our family.  It's good to be facing this summer with renewed joy and fewer doctor appointments. :)