183545085_798b0ced69_mMy 9 year old, Jack, had a writing project for his 3rd grade class.  The project was to write a short essay about someone he knows who helps people.  Jack, fresh off an evening watching American Idol's Idol Gives Back, decided he would write about the great philanthropist he knows, Carrie Underwood.  The teacher explained to Jack that he doesn't know Carrie Underwood.  He was heartbroken and didn't know what to write.  The teacher asked Jack if he might know someone, you know, who helps people.  Jack decided to write about his Dad, me, a pastor.  Here's the essay.  I left his spelling and punctuation in tact.

My dad helps people by preaching, yes he's a paster.  He goes to church on Sundays the first and last out of church to awnser questions from the church.  And sometimes people from the church come to our house for prayer meetings while kids come in the basement to play (if there are any).  I think if I had to chose a dad I would chose this one.  Our family sometimes we go to different churches but the church I like most is our church.  And I know my Dad is teaching lots of things to the church, such as My Mom and children in church in sunday school, so I know my Dad is the paster in church and he's helping people learn about God.  But he is also a good photographer, he also puts his pictures on the wall by the ordering area at StarBucks at the square, you should see them there...So that's my Dad almost my favorite parent.