Music Monday 1.28.08

Arcade Fire continues making curious videos from Neon Bible.  I've pointed to the title track interactive video, "Neon Bible," before.  Now there's "Black Mirror," which is less interactive but still well worth watching.

The Black Cab Sessions is a similar, though less beautiful, version of the Take Away Shows.  The Take Away Shows are artists playing a song in curious locations in Paris.  The Black Cab Sessions are artists playing in a...wait for cab.  Nice.  Start with Okkervil River.  Then go to The National and The New Pornographers

Ariel "AJ" Vanderhorst blogged on "The Best iPod Earbuds Ever."   I have been looking for new earbuds that wouldn't cost me a Franklin, and AJ pointed the way.  And I have to say, the V-MODA earbuds are really great for under $30.

Here's a very cool live performance of "The Clock" from Thom Yorke's The Eraser...