Acts 29, Evangelism, Etc

Finished day 1 of the Acts 29 boot camp in Chicago.  Great stuff from Darrin Patrick, Mark Driscoll, and Ed Stetzer.  I particularly liked Driscoll's message on preaching.  Much of it wasn't new to me as someone who has preached nearly every week for 4 years, but a few of the things he said were really helpful.  If the audio gets released I will try to link it.

I noticed that Alex Chediak is now blogging the Global Church Advancement conference.  You can keep up at or the new GCA blog.  Of interest to me are Alex's notes on Daniel Montgomery's "Theology-Driven Churches" workshop and Tom Nebel's talk on "Evangelism Entropy."  There are several other GCA posts from Alex you should check out.

iMonk was on Steve Brown Etc.  I haven't heard it, but I will.  Two guys I always enjoy listening to.