Evangelism 2008

Coffee_conversationI decided a couple of weeks ago that as I welcomed in the new year I was going to make this a year of more focused evangelism.  I don't know how much of what I'm doing will translate into blog posts, but I assume it will consume a lot of what I say at Reformissionary since it will consume a lot of what I'm thinking and doing.

Here are some specific things I'm doing in 2008 to grow in the area of evangelism.  I'm sure this will be tweaked as I sharpen my approach.

1. Study/Reading: I'm going to read or reread a number of evangelism books.  I have nearly 100 books/tools in this area already in my library.  Plus are also many books on theology, the church, etc, that will have sections on evangelism that I'll be checking out.  I'm also going to look into sermons and podcasts on the subject.   I want to think through the thoughts of many on evangelism this year, though I already know which folks I won't be listening to.

Photo_010108_002 2. Evangelism Journal: I'm keeping an evangelism notebook for recording quotes and notes from books on evangelism, my plans and ideas, experiences I've had with evangelism during the year, etc.  I'm using the small plain cahier's notebook from Moleskine.  I'm guessing I'll fill up a handful over the year.  I'm using this notebook because I can tuck it under the elastic on another Moleskine that I already carry with me, and it takes up almost no space.  Keeping this journal will be of tremendous value this year for me.

3. Evangelism Plan: I see my evangelism in basically 5 areas: personal, family, small group, worship gathering, and TBA. 

<>"Personal" is where I have the most flexibility and will likely spend the most time and effort.  I'm hoping to implement a tweaked 3 by 5 plan.  I'm working on "hangout evangelism" ideas and plans.  I'm also praying about greater intentionality and a sense of any-moment preparedness. 

<>"Family" will include things like hospitality, open houses, hanging out in "family" spots (like kids sections in book stores or public libraries or parks), etc. 

<>"Small Group" stuff will be both about working with the small group to do evangelism and using the small group as a place to invite those who need Jesus.

<>"Worship Gathering" stuff will be in the areas of preaching (making sure the gospel is not only in my sermons, but saturates it, with a clear call to repent and believe) and inviting unbelievers, as well as working with unbelieving visitors to help them understand the gospel.

<> "TBA" is yet unannounced because I'm working on something I've never really seen anyone do, and I'm trying to figure it out and maybe try it out before I talk about it publicly.

Sheesh, that feels like a lot and yet it still seems very incomplete.  I'm sure I'll be working on equipping others for evangelism and lots of stuff not mentioned here.  But this should be a helpful start.  By the way, you can keep up with my Evangelism 2008 posts by following the Evangelism 2008 category link.