Dsc_0033I don't normally do this!  My sister, who is a pretty good singer, sang in the Bartonville Idol contest and after the event had a huge lead in the online poll.  The winner goes on to amazing fame (or some cash, or something).  But it appears that some others on the list are enlisting all their friends to vote for them (rather than those who have actually listened) and it's now tied.  SHE NEEDS OUR HELP! 

Please go to the Bartonville Idol website and on the right side vote for Julie Legner.  You must do this immediately before they take the poll down in the next couple of hours.  Since you didn't hear her sing (and I can't seem to access the singing online) I wouldn't normally ask for something like this.  But it seems clear from some who were there that her big lead has been erased by the friends-n-family voting, not by those who have honestly listened.  So do me/her a favor and help her get her lead back!  Thanks.

UPDATE: The audio is working now on the website and there is no comparison between Julie and the others.  She can belt it.  Puleeze vote.