Coming Neurosurgery Meeting

After talking with Helen in the Neurosurgery Department at the University of Chicago, we have set an appointment with Dr. Yemini on June 18th, the soonest possible date.   This is the initial consultation about Chiari Malformation 1 surgery to detail what will happen, answer questions, make sure Molly isn't faking it for sympathy, etc. 

If all goes well we then set a surgery date, which they said should be very soon after the 18th.  So it's very likely that in late June Molly will have brain surgery.  Yikes, that sounds serious. 

U of C isn't our only option.  We are still awaiting word from Mayo Clinic (maybe on Friday) about whether or not they can get us in soon.  If we hear good stuff from Mayo we may take that option.  We'll let you know when we know which way we are going for sure.

Nice facts: The University of Chicago Hospitals are #16 on the U.S. News & WR list of top neurology and neurosurgery hospitals.  No surprise, Mayo Clinic is #1.  Both good options.

Five ways to exploit your Chiari Malformation (we need to laugh or we are going to go crazy)...

5. "Twenty miles over the speed limit, Officer? Sorry, my Chiari makes it hard to tell how hard I'm pushing the pedal." (numbness of limbs)
4. "Honey, I just can't do/lift/work on/bathe/clothe/wash/clean/cook/find/ vacuum/dust ___________.  Can you do it for me?" (muscle weakness)
3. "I'm so smart my head can't contain all my brains!" (see MRI film, or diagrams)
2. "Can we just go to sleep tonight honey?  My Chiari is acting up again." (headache)
1. "I haven't been drinking officer, it's just my Chiari." (dizziness, problems with balance and coordination)