SBC Greensboro Outcomes

(I also posted this at Missional Baptist Blog.)

I was emailed recently by the Florida Baptist Witness for a comment on this question: "What do you hope will be the single, greatest outcome of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Greensboro?"

You can read the responses of Bobby Welch, Frank Page, Ronnie Floyd, Wade Burleson, Jerry Rankin, Al Mohler and other big names at the FBW website.

Here's my response at the end of the article.  Obviously they were saving the best for last. ;)

Steve McCoy, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ill., and owner of Missional Baptist Weblog: "My greatest hope for Greensboro is that I will continue to build a personal network of missional pastors and thinkers, and encourage others to do the same. My second greatest hope is that the shofar won't work."