Thoughts on a Fall Break

Img_1740_cropWe made it back from our short fall break where we got away for a bit to have some fun as a family.  Here's a video of the trip if you are interested.  It's 5 minutes long and the ending is my favorite part, so don't give up in the middle.  Music by The Go! Team.

As usual, the Lord taught me many things while away.  He taught me how incredible my family is, and how much I don't deserve them.  He taught me to remember how strikingly beautiful and wise my wife is.  He reminded me again how much my family needs a strong, godly husband and father. 

It's so good of God to remind me in the busyness of ministry that the most important things in life aren't the sermons I preach to my congregation, but the sermons I live before my family.