New Hymns

I love the old hymns.  I love singing substance.  A number of folks are updating hymns and are doing a fantastic job.  Indelible Grace (RUF) is excellent and Sovereign Grace Ministries is doing some good stuff too.

Al Mohler points us to a great new hymn-writer, Keith Getty, who has written "Oh, To See The Dawn" ("The Power of the Cross") with Stuart Townend.  These two have also written "In Christ Alone," which is one of my favorite hymns, old or new.

I agree with Mohler, who writes...

Are we entering a great new era of hymnody? There are signs of hope, and we can see the emergence of new hymn writers and composers who combine the best of old and new, recovering the ancient form in a new age. Best of all, these hymns are rich in biblical truth and Gospel content.