Acts29: My Take

Sorry for the delay on getting up a recap of the week in Dallas.  Man, I'm tired.

Img_1509_300First of all, this conference/boot camp was (to me) not primarily about church planting or church renewal.  It was about the gospel.  It was the most Christocentric event I've ever attended.  Hard to describe unless you go and experience it yourself.

The guys and wives we met were all great.  We are so pumped to gain some good relationships with young pastors who more concerned for the fame of Christ than methods and personal ambition.  We alsoImg_1521_300 met some other bloggers and blog readers, like Michael Foster and Scott Michael Ringo and their wives. 

We heard from Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler, Mark Moore, Darrin Patrick, and Mark Driscoll.  All sessions were great, but the final one on perseverance was Driscoll1life-changing.

Overall, we feel a bit overwhelmed with the boot camp and what we learned.  But we are very thankful for the opportunity to learn it and be challenged, not just in ministryImg_1523_300 but in our hearts as followers of Jesus.

The kids did great at the grandparents for three days.  No major problems or broken bones.  They loved it, and it makes it so much easier to leave when we know they won't freak out.