where eyes don't go

"Where It Goes" from the Gray Havens

My favorite song off of the Gray Havens' album, Where Eyes Don't Go, is "Where It Goes." I've seen others mention "Silver" as their fave. It's great & I love it too. Soaring moments & tons of imagery. But "Where It Goes" may be the best opening track on an album I've heard in a long time. It sets the scene, opens the conversation, leads you gently to the melody we are all meant to know. Listen & dig into the lyrics below. I've italicized the first bit because it's so good.

A song ran in the oceans of color,
surrounded by the stars inside the universe,
before it bursted into light,

And after a long time,
A world came alive and played that music I first heard,
And so I stayed so I could write down every word,

And there was a garden,
Never was such beauty seen in all the earth,
And not again until the day when it returns,

And there was a loud cry,
Alive were the voices as they sang the words,
And ever since they've been singing, It goes,

Underneath where eyes don't go,
A sound that keeps the beat that holds,
Alive the song I listen close,
Do I follow, Do I follow, Where it goes,

Towers and banners raised,
And kings with power changed that song that first began,
And it was lost, and buried deep, and covered,

Then, a chorus and angel lights,
Proclaimed on that starry night that shook the world,
A king arose, and he was singing, it goes,

Underneath where eyes don't go,
A sound that keeps the beat that holds,
alive the song I listen close,
Do I follow, Do I follow, Where it goes,

the Gray Havens

The Gray Havens

Several circumstances led to this post. I saw Challies posted an interview a few days ago with a band. I ignored it. Then I got a Facebook message telling me I should check out the same band. I figured after two pointed me to it, I should go ahead and check'm out. I went to the website and something started looking familiar. Wasn't sure what.

Come to find out the band, the Gray Havens (Dave & Licia Radford), live in Crystal Lake, 20 minutes southeast of us. Dave was also on American Idol back when we used to watch it. After watching his audition again, we remembered him as someone who didn't do "pop music" like everyone else. And that was a good thing. Our northwest suburbs newspaper also put out an article at about the same time called "Haven Sent." 

The Gray Havens 2Honestly, I was still skeptical. 1. I don't generally go for "Christian" music or even music made my Christians. I was worried whether it would be creative. You know, art. 2. Can anything good come out of Crystal Lake? ;) I had that feeling that for the band (duo) to be this local, it couldn't be that good. In other words, my stereotype buttons were being pushed. 

I have really enjoyed listening to the Gray Havens, enough so that I felt I needed to give them their own Music Monday post. Right now their album, Where Eyes Don't Go, is still FREE! I want my readers to pick it up. It's folksy, lyrical, redemptive, and joyful. I like every song. You can also support them buy buying on Amazon.

As I post this my family is loading in the van to meet Dave and Licia and enjoy dinner together tonight. I had to meet them. I hope you'll take a few minutes and introduce yourself to the Gray Havens. Stream and download free below.