the lone bellow

New Music Tuesday 1.22.2013

New Music Tuesday 470Two albums I've been talking about coming out today are cheap! I'm grabbing both. 

Other new albums you need to check out because I like their previous work and/or because of some really great reviews...

The Lone Bellow | "You Never Need Nobody"

I not only need you to watch this live version of "You Never Need Nobody" from The Lone Bellow, but I also need you to promise not to give up on it (if it's not your favorite genre of music, for example). Around 2 1/2 minutes in it gets amazing. This is impressive. And at 3:20 I vowed to buy The Lone Bellow's self-titled album, which is officially out on Tuesday. I'll be sure to remind you Tuesday. (It's on iTunes now if you can't wait.)

UPDATE: More videos -- don't miss these. Amazing. Beautiful.