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4th Fridays | Starline Gallery | 4.27.12

Parent-teacher conferences aren't just about grades. Last autumn my daughter's high school art teacher, during a parent-teacher conference concerning my daughter's art (which is wonderful, by the way), also told me about Starline Gallery in Harvard, IL. It sounded great: an old factory converted into art studios, a monthly gallery called "4th Fridays", etc. Every time one came up on the calendar, there was something else I couldn't miss. Last Friday we finally made one...and it was spectacular. 

We brought our four kiddos and they loved it too. Afterwards we all discussed our favorite piece(s). Here are some of mine...

4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - 6

4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - It Begins

4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - 1

4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - 2

4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - 3


4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - 4


4th Fridays - 4.27.12 - 5

Curator | Excellence in the Arts


Curator Magazine has this excerpt from Franklin Einspruch on excellence in the arts & middlebrow taste...

So I have worked out a pragmatic answer: Excellence is art’s reproductive drive. Excellent traits in art trigger the feelings, emotions, and attentions of the viewer. Thus aroused, an artist sets out to reproduce those traits in a new arrangement of materials. Thus the cycle begins anew. It’s not subjective or objective because it’s dynamic……

We don’t use the term “middle art,” and in my opinion there is no middle art. There doesn’t have to be, with so much overlap between high and low. There is, however, middlebrow taste. Middlebrow taste is a kind of chickening out of taste, in which you settle for familiarity instead of demanding excellence……

Go high, go low, but demand it. Whatever you do, don’t chicken out.

Read the rest: High and Low: What is Excellence in the Arts?