David Lynch: Crazy Clown Time


Crazy Clown Time from director David Lynch, who also was a part of the Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse project, Dark Night of the Soul. This may be one of the most interesting albums of the year. His soundscapes are dark and weighty. Stream it free today and buy it tomorrow. It is filling my home office and shaking my house right now. This dude knows how to create a mood. Read what others are saying...

NPR Music says, "Lynch's first solo album finds him meandering through a series of dark dreams and visceral meditations on modern life and society."

NME gives it an 8/10 and says, "It’s weird, unsettling, in thrall to ’50s Americana and constructed with the same meticulous craft and obsessive compulsion you’d expect from Lynch."

Consequence of Sound says, "Crazy Clown Time plays out in many of the same ways that the filmmaker’s visual projects do. There are splinters of a narrative, floating in the middle of a heavy sea of dark images; old, bluesy, noir structure pushed through a postmodern, eerie filter. Lynch makes darkly familiar art, pieces that sound familiar, though the subconscious knows that they ultimately shouldn’t, and that carries over to his music."