Is God Anti-Gay?

Heard a great discussion with Sam Allberry yesterday about his book Is God Anti-Gay? (Kindle only $5.99). Once again The Good Book Company is showing that they are serious about publishing important (and often wonderfully succinct!) books for our time.

You can listen here to the discussion on Westminster Seminary California's podcast, Office Hours. Sam also gave a lecture while at Westminster.

I also discovered this talk Sam gave at the ERLC national conference in 2014 which I remember hearing about but until now hadn't heard. Good stuff.

Running With The Witnesses - Piper


In 2008 I wrote "How I Hit REFRESH." This is a great time of year to do that, and one of my favorite ways is by listening to "Running with the Witnesses" by John Piper, a sermon on Hebrews 11:39-12:2. I encourage you to listen to it leading up to New Year's Day. I'm preaching this passage on Sunday as well.