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A little searching and I found a bunch. Enjoy!

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NAC Studies in NT Theology


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A ton of good stuff for cheap right now! Go buy a Kindle Paperwhite for a great reading experience and a constant stream of very cheap books that are well worth reading.

Francis Schaeffer

Productivity & Faith

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Several on sale in the "Perspectives" series ($3.49 each)

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Crossway offers a nice list of really cheap Kindle books on salvation, atonement, resurrection...

Gladwell and others...

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Preaching the Word Series ($2.99 each)

Mohler: The Conviction to Lead

I was around Dr. Albert Mohler as a student not too long after he lead a massive turnaround at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. What he accomplished and the stories I heard from his lips and the stories I've heard for many others ring in my ears on the days I need to remember that things can change, that God can change things, and that He calls us to lead change. Because of that, I want to recommend to you his book The Conviction to Lead. It's $4.99 for Kindle right now. 

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I encourage you to pick up a Kindle for yourself. Since I got mine I've gotten to the place where I'm using it most days. My recommendation is the Kindle Paperwhite or the Paperwhite 3G (which I have), but they are all great. You can even get one for $69 now.