hurry up we're dreaming

M83 On Fallon With "Midnight City"

M83 has one of my favorite albums of the year, Hurry Up We're Dreaming. Actually it's a double album. My iPod asks me for a little diversity and I'm reluctant, because I love this album and I love it loud. I think you will too.

If you aren't convinced, please watch them play Fallon with their great song "Midnight City." Turn up the volume. The lyrics are below the video if you want to follow along. Lyric of note, "The city is my church." What does this song teach us about the culture? 

"Midnight City" Lyrics

Waiting in the car
Waiting for a ride
At night the city grows
Look at the horizon glow

Waiting in the car
Waiting for a ride in the dark
Drinking in the lights
Following the neon signs

Waiting for a word
Looking at the milky skyline
The city is my church
It wraps me in its blinding twilight

Waiting in the car
Waiting for a ride in the dark

M83 | "Wait"

I don't talk much about my favorite songs. I talk about songs I like, and there are many. But one new song that I've just completely fallen for is "Wait" by M83. It's off their new 22 track double album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, which is sure to be high on my list of best albums from 2011. This isn't an official video, just a picture, but you get to hear the song. If you want to really digest it, close your eyes and crank it up. It builds and soars. Enjoy!