Darkness Can Slowly Creep In

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From Jen Thorn...

You know, you can find yourself in a dark spot without tragedy turning your life upside down. Darkness can slowly creep in like a cool fog until it has filled your heart.

And Satan rejoices when this happens, because during these times I am useless for the Kingdom, or so it seems. I don’t do a good job encouraging my husband or pointing my kids to Jesus. Satan loves that. I forget what the providence of God really means and ignore his word. I become discontent and unhappy. I am sure this makes Satan cheer because my quest for godliness seems to have come to a screeching halt.

The path to godliness is not a “flowery” path full of ease and sunshine. Though I really wish it was.  It is instead an uphill road filled with difficulty, pitfalls, enemies, thorns, confusion, and sometimes darkness.

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