Cults | New Album


There's a new band, Cults. Their self-titled debut is a wonderful summer album, full of catchy hooks. It also uses samples of cult leaders speaking to their followers. It blends together fun poppy summer sounds with real depth & content worth thinking about. Tough to accomplish, but fascinating & successful here. Pitchfork names "Best New Music" & 8.5/10 and Paste 7.9/10. Check out Cults.

The samples, of cult leaders speaking to their followers, could have been a distraction had they chosen to make a big deal out of them, but they're woven tightly into the album's sonic fabric and processed to varying degrees of decipherability, which turns them into an effective textural element. (via)

Ultimately, Cults is an album that can be enjoyed as either a summer soundtrack or as something with a darker, more concrete substance. How you choose to interpret it is your call, but the beauty of this notable debut is that either way works just as well as the other. (via)