John Fullbright: "When You're Here"

Here's an artist that will make my best albums of 2014 list. It's John Fullbright with "When You're Here" off of his album Songs (physical CD $1 cheaper & has instant download). Love his elastic, yet gravely-voice and creative songwriting. I have this song on repeat lately. Selection of lyrics...

Ever changing, Ever moving
Ever finding, Ever losing
Every moment of our choosing bears a cost
As for lonely, I can show you
How to live a life alone
All it takes is getting used to getting lost


In my heart stands a scarecrow
If he’s hurt he doesn’t say so
And he chases everything he loves away
But at night when its colder
There’s a bluebird on his shoulder
And he whispers that he’ll hold her one bright day

Don’t I feel like something when you’re here
Don’t I feel my lungs losing air
Don’t I feel like I can show you
I’m the one you can go to
When you need another heartbeat near
Don’t I feel like something when you’re here.